1 / 15       Soldiers sheltering behind sandbags while waiting for their commander. Bambari, Central African Republic, French outpost, August 16, 2014. © Edouard Elias/Getty Images Reportage. Winner of the Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik Award 2015.
2 / 15       Esther Doryen (5) being carried to an ambulance prior to being taken to the Ebola Treatment Center run by Doctors Without Borders. One week later she passed away. Monrovia, Liberia, August 31, 2014. © Daniel Berehulak for The New York Times/Getty Images Reportage.
3 / 15       Women shouting at opposition party supporters during a political demonstration outside the Venezuelan Parliament. Caracas, Venezuela, November 19, 2013. © Alejandro Cegarra/Getty Images Reportage.
4 / 15       Temporary courtroom, Minova town, Democratic Republic of Congo, February 2014. A victim, veiled to protect her identity, testifying before the closed military tribunal. A member of the prosecution team is holding the microphone, and a defense lawyer is taking notes. The accused are at the back. © Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi. Winner of the Humanitarian Visa d’or award – International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) 2015.
5 / 15       Muslims waiting for trucks at PK12 after fleeing their homes. Christian anti-balaka forces were systematically attacking Muslim communities in the region. 
January 23, 2014. © Marcus Bleasdale/Human Rights Watch/National Geographic Magazine.
6 / 15       De nombreux moutons de combat sont élevés dans les cabanons ou les caves de Bab El Oued. A terme, ils combattrons contre un autre mouton. Si la plupart des jeunes éleveurs sont justes des amateurs, ils existent des matchs où les paris peuvent atteindre de petites fortunes. © Romain Laurendeau/Hans Lucas. Lauréat du prix Camille Lepage 2015.
7 / 15       Two kilometers from the ISIS frontline, five fighters with the Kurdish Women’s Defense Units, including two young Yazidis, hold the strategic position above the village of Bare, cutting off access for ISIS troops trying to reach Syria, less than six kilometers away. Sinjar mountains, Iraq, May 13, 2015. © Alfred Yaghobzadeh for Paris Match.
8 / 15       The bridge between Polo de Desarrollo Daniel Guido Sanchez and the village on the opposite bank of the Punta Gorda River was built by villagers, with financial assistance from NGOs. There is no public funding for the region as the government maintains that it is uninhabited, even though some 30,000 people live on and around the river. When the canal is built, some of them will spend up to ten hours travelling by bus to reach the other side, to see friends, relations or even the other half of their land. © Adrienne Surprenant/Hans Lucas.
9 / 15       Laurel did not know that this would be her last meal: her famous eggplant parmigianino recipe, made specially for her by her son Matthew. Chappaqua, NY, December 2014. © Nancy Borowick.
10 / 15       Nazaria Alpérez & Alejandra Checia. Santo Tomás, Chumbivilcas, Peru, 2009. © Juan Manuel Castro Prieto/Agence VU’.
11 / 15       A JCM-Services boat (Jesus Christ Marvelous Services). Life on board and on the banks of the river downstream from Mbandaka and 100 km before Lissala. Villagers come to sell crocodiles (for $25 each) and poultry, and also to buy goods. © Pascal Maitre/Cosmos/National Geographic Magazine.
12 / 15       Harlem, New York, 1987. © Eli Reed/Magnum Photos.
13 / 15       A policeman trying to protect a female police officer accused of shooting a protester. Opponents of the president and his decision to run for a third term chased, beat and stoned the woman, who was later handed back to the police. Buterere neighborhood, Bujumbura, Burundi, May 12, 2015. © Goran Tomasevic/Reuters.
14 / 15       March, 2015. Vicenzo has earache and a temperature, and Stacy had to take him from the child care center to see the doctor. They live in the Dahlia residence for mothers and children, in Hellemmes. © Viviane Dalles. Winner of the 2014 Canon Female Photojournalist Award, supported by Elle Magazine.
15 / 15       Ras Jedir, Tunisia, March 15, 2011. Refugees who had fled the civil war in Libya arriving at Choucha refugee camp. (The camp was closed in late 2013). © Giulio Piscitelli/Contrasto/Réa.

VISA pour l'Image 2015

Punctual, as every year, with the arrival of September in Perpignan the most awaited event is returning for the enthusiasts of photojournalism and documentary photography.
Indeed on 29th August, the 27th edition of Visa pour l'Image - Festival International du Photojournalisme will open, the event dedicated to this controversial photographic genre and its most illustrious exponents. A long series of exhibitions and events, which up to 13th September 2015, will enliven the French town in the foothills of the Pyrenees in an attempt to turn it into a place of sharing and comparison for enthusiasts and professionals of the genre. The goal of the event is always the same: to enable visitors to find out about situations and reality which are often unknown or inaccessible, through photographic works of high standard and, above all, allow photojournalists, industry experts and emerging photographers from around the world to gather and meet, exchange experiences and contacts, to make new professional relationships and so allowing international photojournalism to grow.
Organised by the Association Visa pour l’Image - Perpignan, and directed once again by Jean-François Leroy, the 2015 edition foresees the usual Semaine Professionnelle in the days from 31st August to 6th September. A week of events, meetings, debates and evening screenings, which staff from FPmag will not miss. As for the exhibition programme, for the moment we will just say that we will be covering numerous reportage works both by established authors as well as emerging talents such as Marcus Bleasdale, Giulio Piscitelli, Stephanie Sinclair, Diana Zeyneb Alhindawi, Juan Manuel Castro Prieto and Lynsey Addario. There will be will about twenty works on display in the different locations in the city, to which will be added a series of slightly different exhibitions of matrix, although always related to the field of photojournalism. Among these, the traditional collective that brings together the most significant images from the daily press and the one dedicated to all the young winners of the Prix du Jeune Reporter / Prix de la Ville de Perpignan Rémi Ochlik, now in its tenth edition.
Notably absent in this edition of the exhibition of this year's World Press Photo, , excluded from the programme following the Troilo case, as anticipated controversially in recent months by the same Jean-François Leroy on the Facebook page of the festival. On the programme, however, the usual week dedicated to schools (14th to 18th September), the expected award of the prestigious Visa D’or 2015 and much more, which we will keep you updated with. Continue to follow us with the tag VISA2015!

Visa pour l'Image - International Festival of Photojournalism 2015
various venues - Perpignan (France)
29 August – 13 September 2015

opening times: every day, 10 am - 8 pm | Exhibitions will be opened from 9am from Wednesday, September 2 to Saturday September, 5. Accreditation required.
admission fee: free of charge
info: +33 (0)4 68623800

published on 2015-08-27 in NEWS / EVENTS


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