© Aaron Huey1 / 14       Oglala youths hold an upside-down flag, an international symbol of distress and an act of defiance toward the U.S. government, at a rally to commemorate a 1975 shoot-out between American Indian Movement (AIM) activists and FBI agents. Two agents and one AIM member died; AIM’s Leonard Peltier was jailed for life. © Aaron Huey

© Elena Chernyshova 2 / 14       One of the Norilsk particularities is the lack of green spaces where one can escape. Inhabitants can take a bus for 30 km and have to walk for a while to reach true nature. Lack of time causes people to enjoy the sun and heat in the urban area. In summer temperatures can rise up to 25. Dolgoe Lake lies at the foot of Norilsk and separates the industrial area from the city. The architects, during the designing of the Norilsk plans, were imagining a large park and a recreation area along the lake. The development of this area has never been accomplished. People domesticate these industrial zones for their leisure and recreation. Picnics, barbecues, sunbathing, swimming are organized. © Elena Chernyshova

© Dmitrij Leltschuk / Greenpeace 3 / 14       Komi Republic, Russia. Life of nomads with their reindeer in Komi Republic, Russia. The oil industry is careless about nature and leave countless oil spills behind. This leads to soil and water pollution and results in a range of ethical, humanitarian and ecological problems. © Dmitrij Leltschuk / Greenpeace

© Nancy Borowick4 / 14       Chappaqua, New York. March 2013. Howie and Laurel Borowick embrace in the bedroom of their home. In their thirty-four year marriage, they never could have imagined being diagnosed with stage-4 cancer at the same time. © Nancy Borowick

© Mark Peterson 5 / 14       A video game for training people how to shoot things at the NRA convention. © Mark Peterson

© Arnau Bach 6 / 14       Saint Denis, Paris, Île-de-France province, France on July 13th, 2007. A group of men throw powerful firecrackers into an stolen car in order to burn it in the streets of Saint Denis on the National Day of France. As a sign of protest these firecrackers are used to throw against the police during the revolts of the suburbs. © Arnau Bach

© Claudia Andujar 7 / 14       «We study in the forest and look carefully. We understand that all living things have a noreshi, another living being which is born a t the exact same time as yourself. Your noreshi may be a deer, a butterfly, or any kind of living plant or animal. It rests when you rest, it feeds when you feed it signs when you sing. It dies when you die». (Davi Kopenawa, Yanomami Leader and Shaman). © Claudia Andujar

© Magnus Wennman 8 / 14       Azraq. Fara, 2 years old. Fara loves soccer. Her dad tries to make balls for her by crumpling up anything he can find, but they don’t last long. Every night, he says goodnight to Fara and her big sister Tisam, 9, in the hope that tomorrow will bring them a proper ball to play with. All other dreams seem to be beyond his reach, but he is not giving up on this one. © Magnus Wennman

© Gabriele Galimberti & Paolo Woods 9 / 14       Singapore. A man floats in the 57th-floor swimming pool of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel, with the skyline of Central, the Singapore financial district, behind him. © Gabriele Galimberti & Paolo Woods

© Laura Liverani/ Lunch Bee House 10 / 14       Kamuy Mintara, Chiba, Japan. Ainu elder Haruzo Urakawa in his self built Ainu home. © Laura Liverani/ Lunch Bee House

© Karim El Maktafi 11 / 14       Military parade. © Karim El Maktafi

© André Liohn/Prospekt 12 / 14       A 10 years old girl having hallucinations after sniffing ether near Berrini Avenue in São Paulo. The neighbourhood around the Berrini Avenue hosts the offices of some of the most important companies of the world as Google, Facebook and many Brazilian companies. The region has been called as the modern financial he art of the capital. © André Liohn/Prospekt

© Peter Van Agtmael/Magnum Photos 13 / 14       Tennessee. USA, 2015. The wedding of two members of the KKK in a barn in rural Tennessee. © Peter Van Agtmael/Magnum Photos

© UNICEF / Laura Aggio Caldon 14 / 14       Bekaa Valley, Libano. 2016. Ibrahim, 13. His father hasn’t worked since he was injured in the hands, so Ibrahim is looking for work. He said: «I’m happy to work so I will be rich» and when I asked him what he remembered of his home in Syria, he replied: «I don’t have memories of my home. I have travelled a lot from one village to another since the war began». © UNICEF / Laura Aggio Caldon

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