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The poster of the Photo Festival La Gacilly 2016 edition. © FPmag. 1 / 6       The poster of the Photo Festival La Gacilly 2016 edition. © FPmag.

Le Mont Fuji by Yukio Ohyama, place de la Ferronerie. © FPmag. 2 / 6       Le Mont Fuji by Yukio Ohyama. Place de la Ferronerie. © FPmag.

Sous les glaces, s'éteignent les espèces by Paul Nicklen, Bout du Pont. © FPmag. 3 / 6       Sous les glaces, s'éteignent les espèces by Paul Nicklen. Bout du Pont. © FPmag.

Madagascar, l'île ou le baobab est roi by Pascal Maitre, rue La fayette. © FPmag. 4 / 6       Madagascar, l'île ou le baobab est roi by Pascal Maitre. Rue Lafayette. © FPmag.

Madagascar, l'île ou le baobab est roi by Pascal Maitre, rue La fayette. © FPmag. 5 / 6       Madagascar, l'île ou le baobab est roi by Pascal Maitre. Rue Lafayette. © FPmag.

Les collégiens du Morbihan, Halles. © FPmag. 6 / 6       Les collégiens du Morbihan. Halles. © FPmag.

Photo Festival La Gacilly 2016

The Photo Festival La Gacilly is now in its thirteenth edition and is an extraordinary demonstration of how photography can be a powerful flywheel in the interests of the local economy. «How can a village speak to the rest of the world? How can a village of 2,200 inhabitants accommodate more than 300,000 visitors every year?» These are the questions that you can not help but ask yourself when arriving in La Gacilly, as rightly pointed out Jacques Rocher, founder of the festival as well as mayor of the Brittany town provides the answers himself. To determine the success of the event there is the contribution of «the editorial line, the quality of the works presented, the harmony between the photographs and the landscape, the possibility of allowing access for all to culture».

In fact when you arrive at La Gacillly the first thing that strikes you is its integration between the device of the exhibition setting of the photographic works and the environment. Photographs of considerable dimension pervade the traditional looking old houses, the bridge, and the walks along the waterside, the gardens and the streets, when they are not huge. All in all it looks like an absolutely harmonious cultural landscape, where it is surprising to note that the giant blow-ups of Fujiyama can coexist with a traditional Breton landscape.

A huge organizational effort, which allows the event to remain open for three months, which as experience has shown requires an on-going commitment for the rest of the year. The quality of the prints are also very impressive, given the type of materials needed to be used to allow the images to be exposed to good and bad weather for three months without problems. Finally, it should be emphasized the effort made each year to bring authors of absolute international relevance to La Gacilly, producing in entirety the exhibitions (we are talking about 600 images for the edition 2016) and ensuring free admission to the public. The only request made by the organisers is to buy maps of the exhibitions and / or catalogues (which cost just € 19,00) to support the event. It definitely does not seem much considering that these purchases are not mandatory.

The 2016 edition of the Photo Festival La Gacilly is organised around the theme Les Océeans (The Oceans), while the country, which has been invited is Japan, to which is dedicated a wide selection of images. A third section, Enjeux Environnementaux, is dedicated to environmental issues. Below is a list of exhibitions and the places where they are shown.

Les derniers samouraïs, premières photographies et La route du Thé, Musée National des Arts Asiatiques Guimet - Passerelle
Jadis le Japon, regards figés par l’Occident, Musée de l'Université de Tokyo& de Lyon - Jardin de la Passerelle
Sumos by Motoki - Jardin de la Passerelle
La mutation d'un Empire by Takeyoshi Tanuma - Rue Saint Vincent
En comptant les grains de sable… by Hiromi Tsuchida - Jardin de la Passerelle
Le Mont Fuji by Yukio Ohyama - Place de la Ferronerie
Recommencer – Au-delà du Fukushima by Kazuma Obara - Jardin du Relais Postal
Fukushima au daguerréotype by Takashi Arai - Jardin du Relais Postal
Et, où les paons sont-ils allés? by Miho Kajioka - Jardin du Relais Postal
Eclats by Kiiro - Labyrinthe Végetal
Issan by Eriko Koga - Labyrinthe Végetal
Source by Lucylle Reyboz - Labyrinthe Végetal
Issan by Eriko Koga - Labyrinthe Végetal
Les Perroquets de Tokyo by Yoshinori Mizutani - Labyrinthe Végetal
Villes – Diorama Cities by Sohei Nishino - Labyrinthe Végetal
Un Regard poétique by Shoji Ueda - Grand Chêne

Sous les glaces, s’éteignent les espèces by Paul Nicklen - Bout du Pont
Pollutions et marées noires by Daniel Beltrá - Jardin de Marais
Un plaidoyer contre la surpêche by Pierre Gleizes - Jardin de Marais
Sur le rivage d’une île en sursis by Daesung Lee - Chemin de Libbelules
Supertankers : les forçats du Bangladesh by Shiho Fukada - Chemin de Libbelules
Mers d'exil by Olivier Jobard - Prairie
Morbihan, des îles en hiver by Guillame Herbaut - Garage
La dame de la mer by Anita Conti - Garage La dame de la mer
Le socle des choses by Benjamin Deroche & François Spricigo - Jardin de la Passerelle
Les Océans - La Photographie Émergente: Les contrées nordiques by Anna Filipova | Les murs de l’Atlantique by Julie Hascoët | La jungle de Calais by Quentin Bruno- Chemin de Libbelules
Collectif Image sans Frontière - Port
Du Morbihan by Les Collégiens du Morbihan - Halles

Madagascar, l’île où le baobab est roi by Pascal Maitre - Rue Lafayette
Dans la fournaise du Sertao by Lianne Milton - Maison de la Photographie

The exhibitions, apart from two, are open and can be visited without a ticket until September, 30th 2016.

Photo Festival La Gacilly
various venues - La Gacilly (France)
4 June – 30 September 2016

opening times: varied, depending on the venue (for indoor exhibitions only)
admission fee: free entrance

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◉ [ video ] Prix Voies Off: the winner is Daesung Lee
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Festival Photo La Gacilly

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