1 / 19       © Patrick Willocq, Walé Asongwaka takes off, 2013. From the exhibition I'm a Walé Respect me.
2 / 19       © Joana Choumali, from the series Resilients, 2014.
3 / 19       © Anna Maria Germontani, from the series Moments in the jewish community of Milan, 1991-1995.
4 / 19       © Joel-Peter Witkin, Still life, Mexico city, 1992. From the exhibition Joel-Peter Witkin.
5 / 19       © Aurelio Amendola, Basilica of San Pietro, 1998. From the exhibition San Pietro.
6 / 19       © Michele Borzoni, Jerusalem, 2012. From the exhibition Inshallah. Arab christians in the Middle East.
7 / 19       © James Estrin, from the series Observance.
8 / 19       © Charles Fréger, from the series Wilder Mann, 2010-2011.
9 / 19       © France Keyser/Myop, from the series Nous sommes français et musulmans, 2010. Exhibition: Français d'Islam.
10 / 19       © Nicolò Degiorgis, from the series Hidden Islam, 2009-2014.
11 / 19       © Toni Meneguzzo, from the series Divine Bovine, 2007-2013.
12 / 19       © Jordi Pizarro, from the series The Believers, 2010-2014.
13 / 19       © Bettina Rheims, Le chemin de croix, juin 1997, Majorque. From the exhibition I.N.R.I.
14 / 19       © Ivo Saglietti, from the series Under the tent of Abraham, 2004.
15 / 19       © Enrico Rondoni, from the series Nel regno della luce, 1987.
16 / 19       © Ernst Haas, Motion Flower, 1971. From the exhibition The Creation.
17 / 19       © U.S. Army AAF photo/Library of Congress, The atomic in Nagasaki, Japan, 9 August 1945. From the exhibition Crimes against Humanity.
18 / 19       © Kenro Izu, Varanasi, India, 2014. From the exhibition Sacredness.
19 / 19       © Mads Nissen, Jon and Alex, St. Petersburg, Russia, 2014. From the exhibition World Press Photo 2015.

Photolux 2015: the exhibitions

The Photolux Festival 2015 – Biennale Internationale di Fotografia will open its doors on Saturday, 21st November 2015 in Lucca.
As already announced by artistic director Enrico Stefanelli in the video interview that we issued in September, during the press conference presenting the event (see link at the bottom of the page), the theme for 2015 will be Sacred and Profane and will include a rich programme of exhibitions and events dedicated to «eternal dualism that rule the world, the contrast between sacred and profane, good and evil, truth and lies, beauty and misery that is inherent in the soul of man». An issue both complex and delicate, especially in the light of recent events, which declined through photography allows, in the eyes of the organisers, not only to take a trip around the world, which is at the same time an internal journey, but also «to reread the sacred iconography in a desecrating or provocative key, venturing into territories considered generally not represented, dealing with the more earthly passions and feelings of the human soul and its aberrations. Without forgetting all that is in the middle, in the subtle shades that always colour contrasts what cannot be clear».
We at FPmag will be involved in the event as a media partner, keeping you updated on the evolution of the edition. In the meantime, let's start with the presentation of the 29 exhibits divided into exhibition spaces, which will animate the city of Lucca until 13th December 2015. A list of the works of the authors and personalities from the field of absolute importance – such as the American photographer Joel-Peter Witkin who is the special guest of this edition – as well as promising newcomers.

VILLA BOTTINI (via Elisa, 9)

(Cortile Carrara, 1)
  • ● Ernst Haas - The Creation
    edited by Enrico Stefanelli, in collaboration with Ernst Haas Estate and with support of Leica Galerie Milano
  • ● Kenro Izu - Sacredness
    edited by Enrico Stefanelli
  • ● Aurelio Amendola - San Pietro
    edited by Enrico Stefanelli, under the patronage of the Fabbrica di San Pietro and with the support of Banco Popolare
  • ● Rony Zakaria - Man, Mountains and the Sea
    winner of the Roberto Del Carlo Photolux Award 2015 | proposed by Dimitri Beck
  • ● JH Engström - Tout va bien
    winner Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2015
  • ● Wiktoria Wojciechowska - Short Flashes
    winner Leica Oskar Barnack Award 2015

(piazza San Martino, 7)
  • ● Bettina Rheims - I.N.R.I.
    edited by Enrico Stefanelli

(via Guinigi, 21)

(piazzale Verdi)
(via delle Conce, 10)
  • ● Toni Meneguzzo - Divine Bovine
    with the support of Fine Art Topcolor

(via delle Trombe)

(piazza San Francesco)
  • ● AA.VV - Pilgrimage to Jerusalem
    edited by Maria Pacini Fazzi, in collaboration with Archivio Fotografico Lucchese

(via San Quirico, 9)

(piazza del Collegio, 13)
  • ● Pablo Piovano - The Human Cost for Agrotoxins
    winner of The Manuel Rivera Ortiz Foundation Photo Grant 2015
  • ● Alice Smeets - The Ghetto Tarot
    winner of the contest Fuoco Sacro (The Sacred Fire), in collaboration with Gente di Fotografia

(via Burlamacchi)
  • ● Carolina Sandretto - Burma
    in collaboration with Progetto Vitalità NGO

(piazza de' Servi, 3)

– – –

[ video ] Sacred and Profane: interview with Enrico Stefanelli
Photolux 2015 on FPmag

Photolux Festival 2015

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published on 2015-11-19 in NEWS / EXHIBITIONS



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