Patty Smith, 2010. © Richard Dumas.

Portrait and atmosphere

Eyes in Progress is a program of workshops provided by masters of photography and photo professionals. The workshops take place each month in Paris, Barcelona, Amsterdam or Berlin. After the workshop, Eyes in Progress website features the participants’ portfolios, video interviews and a review by photo experts.
The next workshop ( The art to create or capture an atmosphere in portraiture) with Richard Dumas is will take place in Paris on April 22-25, 2015. This workshop – recommended for professional photographers, advanced amateurs, artists and journalists – aims to improve the way of portraying people by mastering the relationship with the subject. More information here.

The art to create or capture an atmosphere in portraiture
Paris (FRANCE)
April 22 – 25, 2015

deadline: March 23th, 2015
entrance fee: 950,00 €

published on 2015-02-20 in NEWS / WORKSHOP

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