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Memorandum, la pubblicazione che celebra i dieci anni di attività del collettivo fotografico Terra Project. © Terra Project.1 / 2

Memorandum: the first 10 years of TerraProject

Memorandum is the publication with which TerraProject wanted to remember its first ten years of activity. Officially presented as part of Cortona On The Move 2016, after the preview at the Rencontres de la Photographie d'Arles, this publishing work stands as a moment of reflection on the profession and the opportunity to take stock of what has been done until this moment. The most interesting aspect of the operation is the will that underpins it to maintain a relationship with the stories addressed in the course of their careers and, above all, with their protagonists.

Un momento del talk di Terra Project in cui è stato presentato Memorandum nell'ambito di Cortona On The Move 2016. Da sinistra: Michele Borzoni, Rocco Rorandelli, Paolo Woods, Pietro Paolini e Simone Donati. © Stefania Biamonti/FPmag. A moment of the talk of TerraProject in which Memorandum was presented as part of Cortona On The Move 2016. From left: Michael Borzoni, Rocco Rorandelli, Paul Woods, Pietro Paolini and Simone Donati. © Stefania Biamonti/FPmag.

It is in fact easy, when a photojournalist commits to the realisation of a story, that a special relationship, which is often very strong with the people photographed is created. Relationships which, however, are rarely reflected in the passage of time. But when you go to dust off the archives, here relationships and evoked memories resurface with power from the images. Then one starts to wonder how the stories that were told have evolved. Precisely along this line of questions has moved the project planning of Michele Borzoni, Simone Donati, Pietro Paolini and Rocco Rorandelli who, after many years, wondered what had happened to the places and especially to the people who they had photographed.

Michele Borzoni firma una copia di Memorandum al termine del talk di Terra Project nell'ambito di Cortona On The Move 2016. © Stefania Biamonti/FPmag.Michele Borzoni signing a copy of the Memorandum at the end of the talk of TerraProject part of Cortona On The Move 2016. © Stefania Biamonti/FPmag.

Taking up the work where they left off, the four photographers of TerraProject therefore left for the places that they had illustrated years earlier. Sometimes with maintained contacts, sometimes only on the wave of memories and on the basis of a photo to be shown around to track people down. The collective work has focused on Italy for years and this has made the project in part more feasible to undertake in the search for changes in faces and in situations. Physical changes that counterbalance the maturing of. the visual approach of the authors of TerraProject as a group. Memorandum in fact marks, among other things, a return to collective work, after years of individual stories told.

Memorandum il progetto editoriale di Terra Project presentato a Cortona On The Move 2016.
Memorandum, the editorial project of TerraProject presented at Cortona On The Move 2016.

The editorial experiment looks decidedly successful. Leafing through the pages of Memorandum the reader is taken through the streets along which have formed four careers and, at the same time, can feel the sense of transformation and maturation that time set in motion. An important test that strengthens the feeling of the choices and shows through the filter of the particular and recognisable interpretative key of the collective, in a subtle but real way, what has changed in ten years both at an iconic level and human level. Interesting then the publishing format which sees the publication enclosed in a sort of open envelope of printed tracing paper that creates a pleasant effect of transparency on the texts.

Una pagina dell'inserto di Memorandum. A page from the insert of Memorandum.

Memorandum was printed in Italian and English in an initial print run of 500 copies, and can be purchased at a cost of € 10.00 (plus shipping charges calculated at € 5.50 for Italy and € 10.00 for Europe) directly from the TerraProject site. [ Sandro Iovine ]

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published on 2016-07-13 in NEWS / BOOKS

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