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FPmag 002

febbraio | february 2015

editor in chief
Sandro Iovine

senior writer
Stefania Biamonti

web developer
Salvatore Picciuto

linguistic coordination
Nicky Alexander

Nicky Alexander
Rachele Frosini

editorial assistant
Caterina Fedeli

local Sardinian correspondent
Salvatore Ligios

Giacomo Artale
Ray Bradbury
Giovanna Calvenzi
Alessandra Gazziola
Gianmarco Maraviglia
Edoardo Miola
Maurizio Principato
Gualtiero Tronconi
Giovanni Vanoglio

editorial office
via Spartaco, 36
20135 Milano MI

FPmag is a pubblication of
Machia Press Publishing srl a socio unico
via Cristoforo Gluck, 3
20135 Milano MI
VAT no. 07535000967
C.F. (TAX code) 07535000967

Copyright © 2015 FPmag

Registered at Tribunale di Milano
No.281 on the 9th September 2014

#1 The cover - FPmag 002

Enzo Bruglieri, Portrait with hand painted backdrop.
© Enzo Bruglieri.

#2 Editorial

© Edoardo Miola

#3 Projects #1 - Skeleton Coast

Wim Wenders, Western World Development, Near Four Corners, California, 1986.
© Wim Wenders: Wim Wenders/Wenders Images/Verlag der Autoren. C - Print, 124,6x142,2 cm.

#4 Projects #2 - A Passage to North-West

© Sony Pictures.

#5 Movi(e)motion #1 - The man who captured the desert

Curiosity Self-Portrait at 'Mojave' Site on Mount Sharp. This self-portrait of NASA's Curiosity Mars rover shows the vehicle at the Mojave site, where its drill collected the mission's second taste of Mount Sharp. © NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS.

#6 Connections #1 - The Martian Chronicles

© Samantha Cristoforetti/ESA. (The photographs presented here, in compliance with copyright, are reproduced for purposes of criticism and discussion under Articles: 65 paragraph 2, 70 paragraph 1 bis and 101 paragraph 1 of Law 633/1941).

#7 Connections #2 - The Landscape and the MOSE

Gabriele Basilico, rue El Marrrad, Beirut, 1991.
© Gabriele Basilico.

#8 Projects #3 - Beyrouth 1991... photographies

Vigentino, Milan (Italy).
© Alessandra Gazziola.

#9 Connections #3 - To the Ends of the Concrete

Monterosso al Mare, October, 26th 2011.
© Gianmarco Maraviglia/Echo Photojournalism.

#10 Connections #4 - Cinque Terre, one year later

STONE(2002) by Shinichi Hiromoto.
© Shinichi Hiromoto-Kodansha Ltd – Kappa edizioni.

#11 Connections #5 - Head In The Sand

Ship building; Drill and dye worker, Cunard-White Star Lines, John Brown’s Shipyards, Clydeside, Scotland, 1934.
Vintage gelatin silver print. © E.O. Hoppé Estate Collection/Curatorial Assistance.

#12 Projects #4 - Industrial Topographies

Former bricks and tiles factory, Gannes.
Part of the work: Paysages et patrimoines industriels.
© Jean-Pierre Gilson.

#13 Connections #6 - Manufacturing shots: Usimages 2015

© Ugo Lucio Borga/Echo Photojournalism.

#14 Connections #7 - Living on the death river

© Edoardo Miola.

#15 Cover Stories

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