FURIARUM AERA September 11th, 2001 is not only the date of the most dramatic act of terrorism in contemporary time. It is the end of an era. And the beginning of another

Asia: 16 states, 151-armed groups involved. Africa 27 states, 184 armed groups involved. Europe: 8 states, 60 armed groups involved, Middle East: 8 states, 218 armed groups involved, Americas: 5 states, 25 armed groups involved.
Data subject to continuous changes – it is almost impossible to keep them up dated – but which anyway still gives the idea of ​​what the situation in the world is today. A profoundly changed world after September, 11th 2001, which saw two ferocious conflicts in Afghanistan and in Iraq, the dangerous disintegration of the Middle East, hundreds of thousands of people who flee from their countries because of war, hunger and environmental disasters, the hundreds of thousands of men, women and children who are feeding human trafficking. Religious fanaticism completes the picture by generating massacres and atrocities. If in the West, thanks to the work of the media, we have identified absolute evil with Islamic extremism, in Africa Christian extremism created the Lord's Resistance Army, one of the fiercest armed groups on earth. One could go on with the Jewish ultra-orthodoxy, the extremist Buddhists in Burma, who exterminated the Rohingya people, or you could talk about the role of the Orthodox Church in the Ukrainian crisis. And above all this succession of bloody lists is perhaps the biggest threat, the single thought, as defined by Ignacio Ramonet, editor in chief of Le Monde Diplomatique, which «consists in the transposition in ideological terms, that demand universal interest from a set of economic forces, and specifically those of international capital». The consequences of this are terrifying. Not only wars, but also the pollution of land and water and deforestation are the offspring of the frantic search of resources in support of neoliberal development models.
Furiarum Aera is a work in progress which investigates the reasons for this state of things. To show what other face the choices dictated by financial markets, war industry and multinationals on the destinies of the world can have.

Ivan leads a group of explorer of the paramilitary militia of the Pravy Sektor. His task is to patrol all enemy lines in order to identify places where artillery, snipers and trenches are hidden. © Ugo Lucio Borga/Echo Photojournalism.

Reality has the habit of being complex Judging from a distance is easy and reassuring, however a journalist has the duty not to relying only on “what people say”. Here we publish the photographer’s responses to the heated debate on Facebook

Somalia, Mogadishu, September 2009, Martini Hospital: a boy covers his face in front of his father's body, torn apart by a mortar shell. © Ugo Lucio Borga/Echo Photojournalism. From the exhibition Furiarum Aera, images and sounds from a world of war.

Furiarum Aera The wars that have ravaged the world since the beginning of this millennium in images and sound recordings gathered by Ugo Lucio Borga


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