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iSpitz Verle / Cima Vezzena.
© Alberto Bregani.

On the tracks of the Great War at a distance of a century, the images that retrace the sites of the Way of Peace, over five hundred kilometres of mountains which saw the most terrible devastation and in which today remains only the breath of the wind

It seems impossible that the immense suffering caused by an atrocious conflict like the one that ravaged the world between 1914 and 1918, can dissolve without leaving a tangible trace in the atmosphere of the places. Yet the mountains, protagonists of the massacres of the First World War the wounds left by trenches, patrol paths and battlements seem to melt in the presence of the magnificence of the mountains. Not enough to account for the tragedies of which they were witnesses. A century later, the scenic beauty prevailed in the triumph of that rhetorical of the mountain, made of beautiful landscapes and an enchanting atmosphere. The roar of bloody battles has disappeared, giving way to the breath of nature.
Where today there is only silence, rocks and wind, the air was torn by deadly explosions. Of these, Nature has not kept the echo. If the mountain carries the scars left from military engineering, there is nothing left in the air.
The memory lives on in man, but his memory must be fuelled by retracing the footsteps of history, keeping the attention alive of those who have not lived through the worst times. The image can assume the responsibility of being a stimulus and a reference to the memory because the memory of what happened is not lost and, with it, the sense of history.

[ Sandro Iovine ]

iFerrata Bepi Zac / P.sso San Pellegrino.
© Alberto Bregani.

iDoss dei Morti (area) / Valle del Chiese.
© Alberto Bregani.
with Alberto Bregani

Alberto Bregani tells FPmag how the work Solo il vento was born and has developed, and offers us an interesting opening on his way of working on the field.

iBosco del Varagno / Passo Vezzena.
© Alberto Bregani.

iNagià Grom / Val di Gresta.
© Alberto Bregani.

iGhiacciaio di Lares e Caré Alto.
© Alberto Bregani.
1914 -2014 | On the Way of Peace. A hundred years from the outbreak of the Great War in Trentino

In the locations of the shoot with photographer Alberto Bregani, author of the project.
Photographs and editing: Alberto Bregani.
Filming: Alberto Bregani and Sandro Vidi.

iBanc di Campagnaccia / Bepi Zac.
© Alberto Bregani.

Alberto Bregani - Born in 1962 and raised in Cortina d'Ampezzo, Alberto Bregani is currently considered one of the purest and valid interpreters of black and white landscape photography. He followed his father’s footsteps - his father Giancarlo was a mountaineer, writer, documentary filmmaker with literary and cinematographic prizes -, he shoots mainly in film, on medium and large format. Scholar of the great classics from Adams to Sella, from Weston to Washburn, from Tomba to Faganello, from Garbari to Pedrotti, since 2005 he is a member of the prestigious academic GISM, Group of Italian writers of the mountain and has to his credit exhibitions in many Italian and European cities. His photographs are in private collections and institutions in Italy and abroad and his lectures, often combined with philosophical themes, are greatly appreciated by both mountain and photography enthusiasts. In recent years, two degree theses about the photographer, one at the Accademia delle Belle Arti in Bologna and the other at the Facoltà di Scienze, at the University of Udine, they were interested in and analysed , his person and his photographic language. To the photographic part, Bregani combines an incisive and appreciated activity of communication and he relates through his personal and project blogs. His most recent project, dedicated to the Brenta Dolomites - four years of work collected in a book published by Il Margine of Trento (Dentro e fuori le cime. Dolomiti di Brenta tra l’occhio e il passo, 2012) -, received a great reception on the market and from critics. He currently lives between Milan and Madonna di Campiglio and is involved in a very evocative and demanding project on the Great War on behalf of the Provincia Autonoma of Trento; the day-by-day of the realisation can be followed in the dedicated blog:

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