Les Rencontres de la Photographie 2015

Thierry Bouët, High-wing airplane, Private Affairs series. € 32,000, Sartrouville Price: make an offer. Phone calls only. Pierre, a precision mechanics technician with a vocational certificate as a lathe operator, spent 12 years building his own airplane, which he flew a total of 60 hours. Starting out with a wad of paper and no screws, this model was designed for scrubland. It is the only one of its kind to fly. Thanks to its lower hold, it can be used for parachute jumps. Pierre is selling it because of new EU regulations. His basic license, which allowed him to fly within a 30-kilometre radius, is no longer recognised. He now gives himself four years to build an ultra-light aircraft. Courtesy of the artist. © Rencontres Arles.

Personal Affairs Thierry Bouët ironically investigates negotiations for a sale between private parties, offering surreal images

Paolo Pellegrin and Alex Majoli, Congo, 2012. Majoli/Pellegrin/Magnum Photo. Courtesy of the artists and Cherry Tree Gallery, Megève. © Rencontres Arles.

Congo Between research into new forms of expression and formal contaminations to describe a country without pietism

Boz Scaggs, Middle Man, Columbia FC 36106, États-Unis, 1980. Photography by Guy Bourdin. Courtesy of The Guy Bourdin Estate, 2015. © Rencotres Arles.

The sound that makes images At the Atelier des Forges two exhibitions dedicated to the analysis of the relationship between the photographic image and the music industry
EXHIBITIONS Ambroise Tézenas, Sichuan Wenchuan earthquake ruins tour (China). «We arrive in Yingxiu town and take pictures for Xuankou middle school (about 53 died), Xuankou grade school (about 250 died)». Courtesy of the artist. © Rencontres Arles. Dark Tourism The phenomenon of dark tourism and our ambiguous attitude in the face of evil: these are the foundations of the work of Ambroise Tézenas exhibited at the Parc des Ateliers
EXHIBITIONS Martin Gusinde, Ulen, the male buffoon. His role is to entertain the Hain spectators. Hain ceremony, Sel’knam rite, 1923. Courtesy of Martin Gusinde/Anthropos Institut/Éditions Xavier Barral. © Rencontres Arles. The spirit of the Tierra del Fuego people The myths, rituals and traditions of the indigenous civilisations of the Tierra del Fuego through the eyes of Martin Gusinde

An employ of ‘Jetpack Cayman’ demonstrates the watersport now available on the island. A 2000cc motor pumps up water trough the Jetpack propelling the client out of the water (359US$ for a 30 minutes secession). Mike Thalasinos, the owner of the company quips, ‘the Jetpack is zero gravity, the Cayman are zero taxes, we are in the right place!’ Grand Cayman. Courtesy of the artist. © Paolo Woods & Gabriele Galimberti.

The Heavens, annual report Paul Woods and Gabriele Galimberti have investigated for years the tax havens around the world

West Ninth Avenue, Amarillo, Texas, October 2, 1974, from the Uncommon Places series. Courtesy of the artist and 303 Gallery, New York © Rencontres Arles.

Stephen Shore A major retrospective, but finally also in keeping with the expected level at Arles. In our opinion all the credit goes to the curator
EXHIBITIONS Natasha Caruana, I Had Seen Her. Courtesy of the artist. © Rencontres Arles. At first sight Love at first sight along a path that intertwines visual and scientific language

Eikoh Hosoe, Simmon: A Private Landscape, 1971. Courtesy of the artist, Jean-Kenta Gauthier, Paris, and Akio Nagasawa Gallery, Tokyo. © Rencontres Arles.

Another Language Eight Japanese photographers and over 200 photographs at the Église Sainte-Anne

Desert Isle Motel, Las Vegas, Nevada, 1979. Courtesy of Luïscius. © Rencontres Arles.

USA Neon Night & Day Toon Michiels describes America in the Seventies through neon signs

Cambridge. GB. England. Clare College May Ball. From Luxury. 2005. Courtesy of Martin Parr/Magnum Photos – Kamel Mennour. © Rencontres Arles.

Matthieu Chedid rencontre Martin Parr The photographs of Martin Parr and the music of Matthieu Chedid, an attempt, with little success of synaesthetic experience
EVENTS Stephen Shore, Room 125, Westbank Motel, Idaho Falls, Idaho, July 18, 1973, from the Uncommon Places series. Courtesy of the artist and 303 Gallery, New York. © Rencontres Arles. Waiting for Les Rencontres 2015 The 46th edition of the Rencontres d'Arles will start on July 6th, 2015 full of surprises and novelties


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