Alex Webb, Fort Kochi, India 2014. © Alex Webb/Magnum Photos, for EXPO Milano 2015.

The Spice Route by Alex Webb

Camera presents a dialogue between photographer Alex Webb, from the Magnum Photos Agency, and Mario Calabresi, Director of the newspaper La Stampa. The author will present a screen projection and discuss his exhibition project The Spice Route, carried out specifically for the World of Spices Cluster of the World Exposition Milano 2015, focused on the theme Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life.
The talk will take place at the Agorà space, which has reached, after Milan, Piazza Castello in Turin: a multifunctional place where to discuss the themes of the World Exposition in great depth.
Alex Webb carried out the photographic project The Spice Route on a journey across India, more specifically in the Kerala Territory. He visited cities, festivals, plantations and spice markets – such as that of Delhi, the largest in the world – in order to discover the colours, perfumes and flavours of the local spices, fundamental to the country’s food, medical and cosmetic fields; a sensorial experience that draws a lively photographic portrait of the Indian spice culture.

Talk: The Spice Route by Alex Webb
Agorà, piazza Castello - Torino (Italy)
3 giugno 2015

opening times: 5,30 pm
admission fee: free

published on 2015-06-03 in NEWS / EVENTS

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