1 / 14       © Brent Stirton. From the exhibit First sight.

2 / 14       © Alec Dawson. From the exhibit Nobody claps anymore.

3 / 14       © Evgen Baycar. From the exhibit Narcise sans Miroir.

4 / 14       © Danilo Garcia Di Meo. From the exhibit Letizia.

5 / 14       © Karl Mancini/Echo Photojournalism. From the exhibit Ghosts from the past.

6 / 14       © Valerio Bispuri. From the exhibit Bethania.

7 / 14       © Collettivo Fotosocial. From the exhibit Inside Outside Under Bucharest.

8 / 14       © Aldo Soligno/Echo Photojournalism. From the exhibit Rare Lives.

9 / 14       © Giovanni Presutti. From the exhibit Dependency.

10 / 14       © Marianna Ciuffreda, Chiara Moncada and Marco Vignola. From the exhibit Lucha.

11 / 14       © Alessio Vissani. From the exhibit Iris.

12 / 14       © Kurt Weston. From the exhibit Blind Vision.

13 / 14       © Seeing With Photography Collective, New York. From the exhibit In-Sight, In-Mind.

14 / 14       © Silvia Amodio. Dalla mostra Fuori dall'ombra.

Perugia Social Photo Fest 2016

The Perugia Social Photo Fest (PSPF) is an international festival dedicated to social photography and therapeutic photography, organized by the association LuceGrigia and realized under the artistic direction of Antonello Turchetti.
The programme of events for the fourth edition of the PSPF – which will take place in Perugia on March 11th - 28th, 2016 – is packed to the brim with exhibitions, meetings, events, workshops and opportunities for debate, as the topic under discussion: the world of blindness, intended not only as the inability to see through the eyes, but also as an emotional and social attitude, is truly thought-provoking. «From the physical inability to see, intended as an act of recording reality and capturing an image, and processes whereby disregarding one’s emotions can lead to emotional illiteracy, through to the actions, individual or collective, involving filtering and modifying information as extreme defence of a state of mental balance, which can degenerate into a total closure towards what appears to be a threat to individuals, society and the social and political systems. Maintaining a clear, focused vision is a challenge in which the only certainty is determined by the truth, namely by what makes us free to accept ourselves and others without a game of projections or idealisations». There will be no fewer than fourteen major exhibitions scheduled, as well as the two exhibitions from the winners of the associated call for entry (deadline: February 13th, 2016). On show: Fuori dall’Ombra by Silvia Amodio, Bethania by Valerio Bispuri, First sight by Brent Stirton, Nobody claps anymore by Alec Dawson, Lucha by Marianna Ciuffreda, Chiara Moncada and Marco Vignola, Inside Outside Under Bucharest by Collettivo Fotosocial (Massimo Branca and Igor Marchesan), Letizia by Danilo Garcia Di Meo, Ghosts from the past by Karl Mancini (Echo Photojournalism Agency), Dependency by Giovanni Presutti, In-Sight, In-Mind by Seeing With Photography Collective (Steve Erra, Mark Andres and Victorine Floyd Fludd), Rare Lives by Aldo Soligno (Echo Photojournalism Agency) and Iris by Alessio Vissani. Two further exhibitions have also been confirmed from blind photographers Evgen Baycar, with Narcise sans Miroir, and Kurt Weston, with Blind Vision. To complete the packed programme, there will be presentations of books with authors and subject matter experts, talks and the annual international conference Experiencing Photography on the state of phototherapy and therapeutic photography and their varied uses in the social sphere, which will be held on 19th and 20th March at Hotel San Gallo in Perugia (via Masi, 9).
As always, the theme chosen for this edition of the festival will be tackled using examples from the world of Social Photography, dealing with denunciation and reflection, the redemption of individual and collective identities, a means to give a voice to the “excluded” and therefore a tool of social inclusion, and Therapeutic Photography as a means of reactivating perception and a personal internal stimulus, especially where there is difficulty in communication, to initiate a process of self-awareness and self-exploration.
For those wishing to learn more, Friday February 26th, 2016, at 6,30 pm, at Polifemo in Milan there will be the official presentation of the PSPF 2016 in the presence of the Artistic Director Antonello Turchetti and some of the festival guests. During the evening will be exhibited the works of some photographs on show in Perugia and the two winners of the call for entry who will become contributors to the new edition will be announced. More information about the Festival are available here.

Perugia Social Photo Fest 2016
Museum of Contemporary Culture, Palazzo Penna, via Prospero Podiani, 11- Perugia (Italy)
11 – 28 March 2016

opening times: from Tuesday to Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm | closed on Mondays
admission fee: standard fee 5,00 € | reduced fee 3,00 € for over 65, groups of minimum 15 people, Perugia Carta Giovani affiliates, journalists/publicists, Armed Forces, students of the Accademia di Belle Arti of Perugia, students of Scienze dei Beni Culturali e Lettere and History of Art; employees of Mibact; ARCI, ICOM, Touring Club, FAI affiliates | reduced fee 2,00 € for children 7 to 14 years, school groups | free for children up to 6 years, accompanying teachers, tour guides in operation, people with disabilities and carers, Perugia Città Museo affiliates, directors and officers of public and private museums, Mibact managers
info: info@perugiasocialphotofest.org

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LuceGrigia Association
Brent Stirton
Silvia Amodio
Alec Dawson
Valerio Bispuri
Alessio Vissani
Kurt Weston
Collettivo Fotosocial
Seeing With Photography Collective
Echo Photojournalism photographers
Perugia Social Photo Fest

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