Expolux 2015

It is called Expolux and is the exhibition space, located inside the Photolux Festival 2015, dedicated to the world of photography and reserved for publishers, self-publishers, printers, schools, businesses and professionals in the field.
Designed to offer to all photography enthusiasts a real opportunity to network, gain contacts, compare each others views, present their projects and start new professional collaborations, the Expolux 2015 proposes thirteen stands, that will occupy the space of the Royal College of Lucca on Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November. Among the exhibitors involved are Leica, Bam - Bottega Antonio Manta, Fondazione Studio Marangoni of Florence, Danilo Montanari Editore, Postcart Edizioni, photographic collectives TerraProject e Discipula, the online art gallery Livin'art and Labitalia, one of the best distributors in Italy for professional photographers. And there is more. On the occasion of the second edition of Expolux, in the historic building of Lucca numerous events have been organised, including portfolio reviews and a series of meetings with professionals and experts of the circuit Leica Talk. Among these it is worth noting the presentation of the books Ferita Armena by Antonella Monzoni (Saturday, 28th November at 11.00) and Hotel Immagine by Simone Donati (Saturday, 28th November at 15.00), the presentation of the documentary Mi ricordo Mario Giacomelli by Lorenzo Cicconi Massi (Sunday, 29th November at 10.00), the encounter with Azu Nwagbogu, artistic director of Lagos Photo (Nigeria) and the photographer Patrick Willocq (Sunday, 29th November at 15.00), the discussion with the jury of the Self-Publishing PhotoLux Award (Sunday, 29th November at 12.00) and of the Roberto Del Carlo Photolux Award (Sunday, 29th November, at 16.00), the encounter with James Estrin, senior photographer del The New York Times (Sunday 29th November at 18.00) and above all the appointment with our staff who, Saturday, 28th November, 2015, at 12.00, will present FPmag to the public of Photolux.
We look forward to seeing you on Saturday at the Royal College of Lucca!

Expolux 2015
Real Collegio, piazza del Collegio, 13 - Lucca (Italy)
28 - 29 November 2015

opening times: Saturday 28th and Sunday 29th November, 10 am - 7,30 pm
admission fee: free entrance
info: expolux@photoluxfestival.it | info@photoluxfestival.it

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Bam - Bottega Antonio Manta
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Postcart Edizioni
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Photolux Festival 2015

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