1 / 16       Lucas Foglia, Coal Storage. From the exhibition Frontcountry, 2006 - 2013. © Photograph by Lucas Foglia, courtesy of Michael Hoppen Contemporary, London.

2 / 16       Yoshinori Mizutani, Tokyo Parrots, 2013. © Yoshinori Mizutani.

3 / 16       Alicja Dobrucka, Life is on a New High, 2013 - 2015. © Alicja Dobrucka

4 / 16       Anna Katharina Scheidegger, Les âmes retrouvées, 2015. © Anna Katharina Scheidegger.

5 / 16       Baptiste Schmitt, La Diagonale Aride, 2013 - 2014. © Baptiste Schmitt.

6 / 16       Henning Rogge, Bombenkrater, 2008. © Henning Rogge.

7 / 16       Joël Tettamanti, Kobo, Lesotho, 2013. © Joël Tettamanti.

8 / 16       Kerstin Hamilton, The Hambantota Connection, 2013. © Kerstin Hamilton.

9 / 16       Laurence Bonvin, Ulundi, 2012. © Laurence Bonvin.

10 / 16       Maia Gusberti, Options for Walls, 2013 - 2015. © Maia Gusberti.

11 / 16       Pierre Montavon, Hong Kong – les habitants des toits, 2012 - 2014. © Pierre Montavon.

12 / 16       Richard Gilligan, DIY, 2008 - 2012. © Richard Gilligan.

13 / 16       Robert Zhao Renhui, A Guide to Flora and Fauna of the World, 2013. © Robert Zhao Renhui.

14 / 16       Sabrina Gruhne, Neuseenland, 2014. © Sabrina Gruhne.

15 / 16       Tamara Janes, Espace libre with Google Reverse Image Search, 2015. © Tamara Janes.

16 / 16       Yann Haeberlin, Inventio, 2013. © Yann Haeberlin.

Bieler Fototage 2015

From the 28th of August to the 20th Of September in Bienne/Biel, Switzerland, the 19th edition of the Journées Photographiques de Bienne/Bieler Fototage is taking place. This year 22 exhibitions will be presented; 14 of the them for the first time in the world and 6 will be presented for the first time in the Old Swiss Confederacy in line with the spirit of the event which, since its early stages, aims to discover and give visibility to the emerging authors of Swiss and international photography. The main theme of the 2015 edition is Adaptation and it is particularly important in this period that, through the photography’s magnifying lenses, is trying to analyse a topic quite weighty in our times. According to Hélène Joye-Cagnard, director of the Journées Photographiques de Bienne,by exploring this exceptional aptitude of human beings to adapt, photographers record how the human, the animal and also the territory transform themselves by reacting to the different conditions that are created. In the 21st century the challenges are mostly created by the same human hand. When put before unknown situations, the human, alone or in a group, either tries to adapt or to resist».
During the event the guest photographers presented works around themes that question the future of our contemporary society, such as the intensive exploitation of the resources, the new colonialism, the demographic explosion, the economic needs, the recent political transformations, religions, genetic mutations, climate change, new technologies and the very same way of using the photographic medium. The works of the guests try to bring back to the spotlight themes that are close to all of us everywhere in the world, from Japan to the United States, from Ukraine to Lesotho and of course in Switzerland, they use different ways, from documentaries to more conceptual styles. The authors this year are Laurence Bonvin (Switzerland), Jeanne Chevalier (Switzerland), Alicja Dobrucka (Poland), Sabrina Gruhne (Switzerland), Maia Gusberti (Switzerland), Yann Haeberlin (Switzerland), Tamara Janes (Switzerland), Pierre Montavon (Switzerland), Henning Rogge (Germany), Anna Katharina Scheidegger (Switzerland), Ulrike Schmitz (Germany), Joël Tettamanti (Switzerland), Lucas Foglia (USA), Richard Gilligan (Ireland), Kerstin Hamilton (Sweden), Sasha Kurmaz (Ukraine), Yoshinori Mizutani (Japan), Robert Zhao Renhui (Singapore), Ecole d’Arts Visuels Berne et Bienne.
Stay tuned by the tag BIENNE2015.

Bienne/Biel Festival of Photograhy 2015
various venues - Bienne/Biel (Switzerland)
28 August – 20 September 2015

opening times: from Wednesday to Friday, 2 pm - 6 pm | Saturday and Sunday, 11 am - 6 pm | closed on Monday and Tuesday
admission fee: Day Ticket, 20 CHF / 15 CHF | Subscription (valid during all the festival), 30 CHF / 20 CHF | 10 CHF per person for groups (min. 10 persons) | free entry for children untill 16 years old
info: +41 (0)32 3224245

published on 2015-08-27 in NEWS / EVENTS


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