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Hector Garcia Jr. rests after walking laps for the first time at the Palo Alto College Aquatic Center pool. Barely able to move without the aid of a walker because of his damaged knees, Garcia could walk in the water with less pain and began an e xercise routine based on walking laps in the pool. ęI was just a chubby kid. I wasnít like humungous or anything. I was just a chubby kid, but I learned that kids were not going to pick me for their team because I was chubby. I was not going to get invited to hang out because I was chubby. So from a really young age I felt left out and I didnít realize back then what it was doing, that really didnít manifest itself until I was an adultĽ. May 2011. © Lisa Krantz/San Antonio Express-News. EXHIBITIONS

Obesity Blackmail

Lisa Krantzís work shows the tenacious struggle of a man against obesity. A losing battle that would act as a warning to those who are facing the same problem. And not only more...


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