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FPmag 001

gennaio | january 2015

editor in chief
Sandro Iovine

senior writer
Stefania Biamonti

web developer
Salvatore Picciuto

linguistic coordination
Nicky Alexander

Nicky Alexander
Rachele Frosini

Mario Badagliacca
Elisa Bianchi
Alberto Bregani
Dario Coletti
Manuela Fugenzi
Laura Marcolini
Angela Marino
Daniel Patelli
Nina Rosenblum
Pio Tarantini
Jacopo Tofani
Gualtiero Tronconi
Maurizio Valdarnini

editorial office
via Spartaco, 36
20135 Milano MI

FPmag is a pubblication of
Machia Press Publishing srl a socio unico
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No.281 on the 9th September 2014

#1 The cover - FPmag 001

Le Monde online edition, home page of January 9, 2015, time 9:15.
The page is in mourning to express solidarity with the editorial of Charlie Hebdo.

#2 001 Editorial

© Mario Badagliacca.

#3 Projects #1 - Signs of passage

1 - They came under immigration. They are now living in reservation.
2 - Soon being an illegal immigrant will be legal. Illegal immigrants and criminals are very thankful.

3 - A Mosque in Cinisello? No, thanks!
4 - We stopped the invasion.

#4 Connections #1 - Migrant Manifestos

«Dear sister commare, your letter received, we are all well, so I console myself for all of you ...» Courtesy archivio Veneziano-Polizzi-Marino.

#5 Connections #2 - Dear sister commare...

View of the exhibition Sophie Calle. Pour la dernière et pour la première fois, Les Rencontres d’Arles, Chapelle Saint-Martin du Méjan, 2012.
Sophie Calle, Voir la mer, 2011 (14 films, color, sound, photographs). Director of photography: Caroline Champetier.
© Adagp, Paris, 2014. Courtesy Galerie Perrotin. Photo: Florian Kleinefenn.

#6 Projects #2 - MAdRE

Spitz Verle / Cima Vezzena.
© Alberto Bregani.

#7 Projects #3 - Solo il vento

Kennardphillipps, Stop posters, 2005.
Courtesy the artists.

#8 Connections #3 -Marks, tracks, signs and visions of history

France - So that all the world might have a photographic record of the invasion, these men, Signal Corps combat photographers, risk their lives on the front – their only weapons, a camera and a lot of nerve. Left to right: Pvt. Louis Weintraub, Brooklyn, N.Y.; Pfc. Francis P. Lee, New York City; Lt. George A. Stack, Euclid, Ohio; T/Sgt. Val C. Pope, Compton, Calif.; and Pfc. Walter Rosenblum, Brooklyn, N.Y. June 27, 1944.

#9 Connections #4 - They fight with cameras

In a cemetery in Milan, July 2012.
© Anton O.

#10 Projects #4 - Grabbilder

Luigi Ghirri photographed by Franco Guerzoni outside his home on Via Mantegna, in Modena, 1970.

#11 Considerations #1 - Photography, art and memory

Still frame from the movie Il Mnemonista by Studio Azzurro. © Studio Azzurro.

#12 Movi(e)motion #1 - Short circuit mnemonics

Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin's singer, has recently published a new solo album: Lullaby and … The Ceaseless Roar.
© Carl Dunn - Warner Music Group.

#13 Connections #5 - An album without name… and without time

© Mario Badagliacca.

#14 Cover Stories

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